I am not a Jewelry Photographer

So, this post won’t have the best or the most images because I can’t take a picture of shiny jewelry for the life of me.

My Godmother sent me a carepackage of jewelry (because that’s how she rolls) so here are a few of my favorites from the shipment. I have a job where I need to dress like a grown-up and therefore, wear grown-up accessories. Yes, I still wear my chipmunk earrings every now and then, don’t you worry. The above necklace is one of my favorite pieces because it is simple but you can kind of tell, the beads alternate between a matte and glossy finish.

She included a lot of pieces that I would consider…ethnic…tribal. Something along those lines. Most of my wardrobe is black, so we’ll see how it all gets along.

Two very sparkly flower brooches that will each get its share of turns on my cardigan. If it ever gets cool enough to wear my cardigan again. Boo.

I love this piece. It is so wonderfully retro-futuristic (and shiny) and it makes me happy.

And now for some pieces I acquired this past weekend at my favorite flea market. The Melrose Trading Post happens every Sunday, rain or shine. It’s in L.A. walking distance from “that part” of Melrose. The vendors often get all kinds of goodies to peddle from residents in West L.A. and nearby, which leads to there often being some very fancy, very artistic, and very unique items. And it’s only $2 to get in! And there is parking if you get there early enough in the day (by early, I mean by 11am).

The above piece has a small and fairly useless hook on each end. It doesn’t lay properly to be made into a necklace so I’m thinking of getting some additional chain and making it a belt, given that I have over a dozen LBDs it could be used with.

I got these for A DOLLAR. A DOLLAR!!!!!! I’m not sure if they’re Bakelite but I’m a fan. I may do one of the Bakelite tests, out of curiosity.

Because a necklace of varying sizes of blue balls is too hilarious and amazing to pass up.

This piece is my favorite that I got at the flea. She apparently sold the earrings and bracelets that were part of the collection already which I’m fine with because she may have convinced me to buy them as well. So happy I got this piece though.

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  1. Dani says:

    the retro-futuristic shiny brooch to work should really work as a com-link.
    i want you to move back to SF so you can wear the blueballs necklace on the day we talk about sexual dysfunction in training.

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