Pinup Parade @ Disneyland

The ladies at Pinup Girl Clothing decided to have a meet-up at Disneyland. Since I am a fangirl both of that site and Disneyland, there was no way I was going to miss it. Many photos can be seen here.

We met up right inside the front gate in the morning where we were given schedules, pins, and stickers:

I wore this dress and Enfields from Bass Shoes:

While we were waiting at the castle to take a huge group photo, I won a shirt by answering Disney trivia. The question was, “What is the initial cost to join D33?” of course, I answered correctly and won this beauty:

Finally, a zillion of us were at the castle and we took a picture:

Walking around Disneyland wearing cute dresses was such a boost to the ego. People were liberal with the compliments and we kept getting asked, “Is it swing dancing day? Is it 50’s day?” I wish I had some Pinup Girl Clothing business cards with me to hand out. Meow meow. Next time 😉

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