Spoils of war

We went to Toys R Us last night.


Tonight is a night for drunken LEGO racing, so we needed to be prepared. We got two sets from The LEGO Movie series, which I’m seriously considering on going to see the day it comes out. I will be putting together The Ice Cream Machine. I seriously don’t know wtf is going on with it, but I like it. Coleman will be putting together Metalbeard’s Duel, which is seriously full of crazy. Metalbeard’s robot has an arm with A SHARK ON IT. And the other arm is cannons, obviously. This promises to be amazing.

And I got some My Little Pony stickers because, you know, ponies.

I haven’t actually been to a Toys R Us in years. It was a bit overwhelming and I think the 30 minutes we spent in there was my limit. There was a little girl, around 4 years old, in the craft aisle with her mom. She wanted something. Her mom said no, and the girl raised her voice and said, “You’re a BAD MOMMY. BAD BAD BAD and no fun.” Note to self: never bring a kid to Toys R Us. It seems like I’d just be asking for trouble.


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