Meow meow

My friend just told me that I have an interesting baseline compared to the rest of his friends. I asked him what he meant and he said, “You’re just yourself. Like a cat.” I guess it’s a compliment? At least, that’s how I took it. I love cats. You can always depend on cats to be cats, even when they do ridiculous things we say, “Oh, well, they’re just being a cat as cats do.” I like being (mostly) predictable, which isn’t necessarily celebrated but here’s the thing: being predictable means that people give me gifts that I absolutely love because they know what I will like. I’m easy to shop for. Being predictable means that people can share links online that the know will thrill me or make me giggle like an idiot because they know what will get such reactions out of me. For me, being predictable makes ways of finding joy a bit easier. When I’m feeling really down, I know that rereading Harry Potter or playing with LEGOs will never fail to lift my spirits. Never. And that’s a very useful thing to know.

tl;dr I’m a cat.

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