I’ve gotten some amazing surprise snail mail lately

I have some really fantastic people in my life. Really really. They see something and think to themselves, “Suzi would enjoy this absurd/silly/awesome/hilarious thing and I’m going to send it to her.” Within the past week and a half I’ve received 3 unexpected packages in the mail.

First is this cookie cutter, which I was assured was chosen for its ambiguity. I’ve figured out what it is (I won’t say. You can guess). But depending on how the cookie is decorated, it could also be a penis with bushy pubes OR one fallopian tube. I welcome you to leave other ideas in the comments below.


Courtesy of my homie Jeremy

Peeps are my guilty pleasure. I can only eat maybe 4 in any given season before gagging, but I love them. They’re right up there with Spaghettios.


Courtesy of my bonus family, the Dodgsons

This has 3 of my favorite words on it: Vintage, Labels, and Stickers. OMG I want to label everything.


Courtesy of my cousin Jannette

Thank you all so so much!!!

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