Vanilla bean scones


I’ve been trying to bake on Sundays or Mondays at the latest so that I have breakfast for the week without spending $3 a day on a pastry from the coffee shop. Last week I made pumpkin bread and the week before was banana bread. Last night I made vanilla bean scones (link to recipe). I used Trader Joe’s vanilla bean greek yogurt and not the brand that’s in the recipe. I also didn’t make the complicated glaze and instead stuck with my usual glaze (1 3/4 cu powdered sugar, sifted, 2 TBSP whole milk, 1 TBSP vanilla extract). That recipe makes way too much glaze, but, whatever. These scones turned out beautifully. They are really really delicious. I can see making them every few weeks. Super simple (only took about 35 minutes to put together and into the oven) and enough for each of us to have one daily for most of the week.

Not sure what I’ll be making for next week. Maybe some kind of berry scones or some breakfast cookies.

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  1. teramis says:

    Yummy! I just baked a blueberry pie and a batch of peanut butter cookies, but this is going next on my list when I’m ready for refills in the Nosh department!

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