Hi there! I haven’t had anything going on lately that warrants a large blog post. This past weekend we went to Disneyland for Gay Days Anaheim and that was tons of fun and I took exactly zero pictures and drank exactly 3 zombies at Trader Sam’s Tiki bar.

Here’s a flyer that I saw that I am most definitely not auditioning for because I have zero time to be doing a show:


Last night I did a little bit of coloring. I don’t know if they intended for this to be a coloring book, but I’m coloring the pictures anyway. It teaches words in both Tagalog and Ilokano. The first couple of pages are some primers about Filipino languages. Here’s are the links if you’re interested:



And yes, it comes with an audio CD to which I have not yet listened.


In about 3 weeks we’ll be going to Maui, which will be the first vacation I’ve had [longer than a 3 or 4 day weekend] in over 10 years. TEN YEARS, YOU GUYS. It’s going to be great!

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