Maui 2015: I bought a ukulele!

I’ve been wanting a ukulele for quite some time so when we passed a shop on Maui, I got really excited and ran right in. The guy working there, Captain Bob, was with a couple other people so we looked around. There were many different sizes of ukulele and while I was thinking of getting a soprano, the small one that you see a lot that has a bit of a twangy sound, I ended up with a tenor which is a bit bigger, easier to learn on, and sounds prettier. Besides, Captain Bob said, “You could always go with a soprano but that’s what all the hippies buy and it doesn’t sound as nice.” The way he said “hippies” was like a 4-letter-word and I loved everything about it. He gave me a lesson on how to hold it and told me what free tuning app I can download onto my phone so I don’t have to buy a tuner as well as what sites to go to for the best lessons and how to specifically search YouTube for ukulele lessons without getting overwhelmed. I bought a case along with it. Will probably acquire a hanger so I can hang it at home. As I was learning some chords last night I realized that I’m going to have to be one of those weirdos that has a few really short fingernails. It’s alright, though, because they’re nails that I typically need to keep short for archery. They just need to be even shorter now.


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  1. teramis says:

    Happy Ukulele to you!

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