Maui 2015: The Flight

We recently went to Maui for about a week and it was absolutely wonderful. We flew Hawaiian Airlines and I swear if they flew everywhere I would never take another airline ever again. They still serve a complementary meal. A MEAL! I mean, it’s an airline meal but still, it was included in our reasonably priced ticket. I was amazed. If we wanted to watch any movies we’d have to pay but I prefer to read and listen to podcasts during flights anyway. They have a cart of all kinds of snacks that you could pay for but the POG (passion-orange-guava juice, juice of the gods) was complementary and our meal came with a little package of chocolate-covered macadamia nuts. The flight attendant just handed us our meals and saw me trying to sneak over and steal Cole’s macadamias. She smacked me on the arm and said, “Sistah, you be nice and I bring you more lattah.” About 15 minutes later, this happened:



Cole felt like she was just encouraging bad behaviour but I will agree to disagree. We actually had the same flight attendant on our flight home and without even having to harass Cole, I got extra cookies.

I’m breaking up the Maui post into multiple individual posts. More soon!

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  1. Super nice flight attendant. I love breaking up my trips into multiple posts – I’m still posting on my recent trip to Ecuador even though that was in September

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