Demanding Explanations

Sometimes for the laughs, I like to pressure Coleman to give me explanations for ridiculous White People Stuff™ and I pretend to hold him responsible until he apologizes.

Last night we were watching @Midnight and they played some clips from a current White People Stuff™ trend: parental raps. For example:

Me: “Oh my god.”

Cole: “Wow.”

Me: “I can’t even handle this.”

Cole: “___”

Me: “Coleman.”

Cole: “What?”

Me: “Coleman!”

Cole: “WHAT?”

Me: “What the fuck are your people doing? What do you have to say on behalf of your race?”

Cole: “Those aren’t ours.”

Me: “They hell they aren’t! That is some Grade A white people shit.”

Cole: “___”

Me: “Coleman.”

Cole: “___”

Me: “COLE.”

Cole: “What?!”

Me: “Explain yourself.”

Cole: “I…I don’t know.”


Cole: “Fine. White people can’t just let people have their own things. We have to steal them and ruin them. But not just ruin them, ruin them in a way that also shoves our privilege in everyone’s face.”


Then we both laughed a sad laugh at the truth and continued folding our laundry.

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