My weirdo super power

We were sitting in a sushi restaurant the other night and Wheel of Fortune was on one of the televisions. Cole was trying to work out a puzzle. I turned around to look at the tv, stared for two seconds, then got the answer. I went back to eating. Next puzzle was up and Cole was trying to work it out. I turned around, looked at it, and got the answer in just a couple seconds again. I also did this a third time. Cole just stared at me in awe. I said, “You didn’t know I had this useless superpower, did you?” Cole replied, “No, it’s fascinating!” I responded, “Yeah. Aside from watching every episode of Golden Girls both as it aired and in syndication, I also watched the hell out of some game shows with my grandmother. Wheel of Fortune was her favorite, though she absolutely hated Vanna White.”

So, readers: What’s your weirdo super power?

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  1. John says:

    I can fly! But I have to be in an airplane to do it.

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