A Weekend “Off”

We actually had a weekend “off” this past weekend. No weddings or friend/family obligations so we actually got to tool around and do what we want. My birthday was Friday but I wasn’t feeling too hot in the evening so we ate pizza and watched “Bob’s Burgers.” Yesterday we ran some errands. Went to the comic shop to pick up the items on my pull list for this past week.


Found a record shop on the other side of town with a great selection. I got some Exotica (basically, the music you would hear in a tiki bar) and Cole found (and purchased) a Lenny Bruce album that has his last name written on the cover up in the corner. He posted a photo to his family and it ends up it had belonged to his stepmom!


Then we came home and it was time for us to do some making/DIY/crafting whatever you want to call it. Cole started three separate fermentations of booze. 3 gallons of what we’re hoping will be our holiday booze, 2 gallons of our classic brown sugar apple wine (I’m hoping to make sangria this summer), and 2 gallons of pineapple, which I’m hoping to sweeten and carbonate after it’s done fermenting.


While he was doing that, I worked on my cosplay for an upcoming comic convention we’re going to. I’ll be going as Moon Girl and Cole got a shirt to be Devil Dinosaur.

Moon-Girl-and-Devil-Dinosaur-news-2015.jpg (750×400)


I’m also going to go as an inmate on “Bitch Planet.” I didn’t make the overalls myself; I just hemmed them and painted the non-compliant logo on them. I’m pretty pleased with how they turned out.


On Sunday we went to a couple of yard sales (no luck), I drafted some blog posts (including this one), and I worked on a writing sample for a blog I read that is hiring. Still quite a few hours left in the day. Might practice my ukulele!

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