My Best Friend’s Wedding

I was the Best Man for my best friend’s wedding in Laguna Beach a couple weekends ago. It was held at a house on the beach. Small, lovely wedding. No pics of the bride and I yet because I was too busy running around and making sure everything went smoothly. There were no meltdowns, no anxiety attacks, and no passing out. The marriage happened and the paperwork was signed. It was a successful day. Below are some pictures. In one, you’ll see Cole going down some stairs into a little “hut” type thing. This house has private stairs down to the beach and halfway down, there’s a little hut with a table, windows, and a fireplace built into the cliff. You’ll also see a picture of a boat wheel on the wall. This wheel opens up the glass roof which is above some tall plants (also pictured) which are in turn above the indoor fountain/sculpture of a manta ray and mer-boy.

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