Birthday Aloha

Got my birthday package from my mom in Maui! She found this AMAZINGLY PERFECT sticker and matching greeting card. I nearly pissed myself. There was never a more perfect card for me.


Kona coffee bitches! I’m so excited. This coffee is absolutely delicious.


I love love love gummy candies. They are always a winner in my book. These ones are particularly delicious. Seriously. Send me gummy candies (or even a box of fruit snacks) and I will love you forever.


I saw this huge book when we went to Maui in October but our luggage was already bursting full so I had passed on it. But surprise! Mom got it for me! I love mythology, especially beyond the Ancient Greek and Roman mythologies we are already familiar with. This particular book isn’t just a book of stories, it’s actually an academic text. Published in 1976, it’s considered one of the definitive texts on Hawaiian mythology.


Thanks, Mom!

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  1. teramis says:

    You get the coolest presents. What a great mom you have!

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