I Heart Seattle

Last weekend we went to Seattle to see a couple dear friends, to celebrate my birthday, and to go to Emerald City Comic Con which is my favourite con that I’ve been to. I didn’t take a lot of pictures at the con but you can go on their site or go on Twitter and see a ton of pics if you’re that interested.

The first night I was very excited to finally experience Capitol Cider, a cider house and 100% gluten free restaurant. We don’t give two shits about being gluten free (neither of us has Celiac or an allergy) but we DO give shits about being able to have a flight of cider! It was fairly expensive to eat there and the food, while fancy-looking, wasn’t fantastic. But I would be there every night just to drink different ciders and meads. Their selection was outstanding.


Cole’s gluten-free fish ‘n’ chips. They only had apple cider vinegar and not malt vinegar due to gluten.


Me in my new favorite outfit. I love wearing my Pinup Girl Clothing stuff with my combat boots. My new baby Cthulhu skirt (https://www.pinupgirlclothing.com/little-jun-skirt-cthulhu.html) is amazing and so comfortable. I want to wear it all the time everywhere for always.


We found a tiki bar / restaurant called Ohana that was not that great. The drinks were boozy, but I’ve definitely had (and made) better.


Washington only recently(?) started selling alcohol in the grocery stores but the hard liquor is kept under lock and key. It’s so weird to me, being a Californian, to not see the booze running free. We have free range, cage-free, artisinal, grass fed, local booze where I come from.


So, the couple on the left are our friends. And the people on the right we have no idea who they are but they are also a couple who decided to go to the con as Jareth and Goku. It was hilarious.


My Bitch Planet cosplay went over really well. One woman asked for a photo with me and flashed her NC tattoo. Then, she asked for a hug because we NCs gotta stick together. If you don’t know what Bitch Planet is go support your local comic shop, especially if you are not a cis-gender male. Unless you’re a cis-gender male who is (or at least tries to be) a woke feminist. Yes, every picture I was in I made sure to flip off the camera.


Moon Girl and Devil Dinosaur!


So, down at the pier there were some really odd statues of the Rat Pack. They were super derpy.


Am I in Seattle? Am I home in the San Francisco Bay Area? I DON’T EVEN KNOW ANYMORE!


A cashier at our local Target told Cole to go to Piroshky, Piroshky. We went. We waiting in a line. It was fine. Not amazing. But it was okay.


Forgot to include this con pic above! Went to a panel. Wish I had gone to more panels.


Piroshky line


Thanks for looking!

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