I know you’re tired of this but…

I got a birthday package from my Auntie Pat! She is the absolute master of garage sales and always finds the weirdest, best stuff!

I love socks. I have way too many socks and I don’t even care because socks are GREAT. I also love a good off-set spatula! If you’re still frosting your cakes and cupcakes with a butter knife, you need to stop that nonsense right now and get yourself an off-set spatula. It will change your life.


Me: What’s the story with the wooden utensils?

Auntie Pat: Just a bit of whimsy I found at one of my sales.

Alrighty then! I might try to figure out how to put them near my tiki shelf.


I’ve done a poor job at snail mail this year so far. I’m working on turning it around. And now I have even more cute cards to send!


The photo doesn’t do it justice. This pineapple soap dish is beautiful. I don’t know if I even want to use it for soaps. Maybe for jewelry.


Small box to keep random crap in! It’ll be good for travel jewelry keeping so my hoop earrings don’t get crushed in my luggage.


I showed these to Cole and he said that it looks like something that’ll get really interesting if we’ve been drinking.


This book is full of dubious information and I love it! Once I sit and properly start reading it, I may post a few choice excerpts.


I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again: I fucking love a good tea towel!!!


More stationery and a little notepad


Notepad has *inspirational* things on the pages such as this. It’s great!


Thank you so so much, auntie!!!

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