Disneyland Shenanigans

We went to Disneyland on Saturday for some self-care. I learned something new while we were there: don’t cry when wearing contact lenses. We went to see the new Frozen show (pretty good, had some technical/costume difficulties to work on) and in the beginning during “the sad part”, my eyes got watery and I blinked and plop! My contact lenses popped out of my eyeballs. So then I couldn’t really see the show. Or drive home. So Cole had to drive us home.

Luckily before the world turned blurry, we had a lovely day. We took some pictures at the haunted mansion (below). The video at the end is very short and full of “what the hell?” If you haven’t noticed, if you get your photos taken by an official Disneyland photographer sometimes they add some special effects. Ridiculous, silly special effects.


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