First ukulele lesson: killed it!

Yesterday I had my first ukulele lesson. Before my lesson, I felt like this:


I’d been practicing strumming and taught myself the C chord but that’s about it. It was a bit chaotic and I had close to zero ideas about wtf I was doing.

My instructor, Scott, is WONDERFUL. He has to be at least 6’4″ and towers over me. He’s one of the sweetest people I’ve ever met. He avoided giving me a lot of strict instruction and directions during this lesson because 1) that doesn’t seem like his style and 2) he wants to get a feel for what kind of musicality I have inherently.

We learned really fast that I can strum and sing at the same time, which apparently not everyone can do? Go figure.

He remarked at least a half dozen times at how amazed he is at how quick of a learner I am. He made me sound like this:


when in my mind the whole time I was more like this every time I heard a sound made by my own uke:


At one point he said, “Well, next week looks like we’ll play some Bach at this rate!”

By the end of the lesson, I was feeling like:


I was told to practice for 5 minutes after every meal, instead of for an hour daily or something crazy like that. So I made sure to practice during lunch today.

Scott seems convinced that someday I’ll be like:


But really my goals are more like:


Meanwhile, Cole’s going to be like:


I’m going to have to give him some singing lessons or get him a kazoo or something.

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  1. Patricia Hope says:

    Great news! Loved he post til the end when I burst out laughing. Ah, Cole, just tiptoe through the tulips, honey!

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