Album project update

Last night we went through the final bin of record albums. Here are some highlights.

Cole: “Have you ever heard of Minnie Riperton?”

My boyfriend is so cute and white sometimes.

Quite a few albums also still have the posters they came with. I may or may not be getting this Commodores poster framed…

I don’t even know what the fuck is going on with this album cover, but we’re both intrigued.

Cole pointed out, “Why does ‘Jingle Bells’ have a question mark after it?”

This is not Kenny Loggins. This is Dave Loggins. Cole said this Loggins looks like if Kenny Loggins and David Lee Roth had a lovechild. We put it in the “to listen to” pile.

Rod Stewart, unhand that brown woman! Oh wait, when you turn it over, there’s a white woman with different hair and the same outfit. I don’t know what you’re playing at, Rod, but I’m alright with it. For now.


I have plans to recreate this Barbra Streisand cover. Maybe with me. Maybe with Cole. I haven’t decided yet.


We don’t really know what’s going on with this cover. 69, okay, yeah, got it. 88? Cole said that 88 is used by some neo-nazis to stand for HH (Heil Hitler). So, this Beach Boys album may have “oral sex heil Hitler” written on it? We put it in the “to listen to” pile *shrugs*

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