New ukulele teacher

Some background to know about me before I tell this story: I was raised Catholic. I no longer identify as Catholic but I went to Catholic school K – 12.

So, my other ukulele instructor had a schedule that was too full and he handed me off to another instructor who is also great. He is heavy on the music theory and I had to reach back into some old, dusty parts of my brain during my lesson this week but it was good.

At one point he asked, “Are you familiar with the song ‘Amazing Grace’?” I said yes. He was going to use it as an example in teaching me some music theory. He started playing the song and my immediate thought was, “This guy is NOT Catholic. This is one of those upbeat Christian tempos. It’s ‘Amazing Grace’ dude, not the Amazing Race. Slow the hell down!” I didn’t say this of course, but I was pretty shocked at the breakneck pace he was setting.

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