Gay Days Anaheim 2016

This weekend was Gay Day at Disneyland (link). It’s typically the first Saturday of October and that’s where I am every year on that day. Many years ago, it was known as Red T-Shirt Day or Family Day, before people were comfortable with calling it Gay Day. Those days are still honored by everyone wearing red t-shirts. Within the past few years, Disney has embraced it (it’s not an official Disney event) and they serve rainbow treats and have special rainbow products (shirts, lanyards) and they even had rainbow thread that you could have used to embroider your name on your mouse ears. As you can see in the picture, there were also cast members around the park holding up rainbow frames that you could take your picture with.

There are several optional meet-ups throughout the day. We chose to go to the Enchanted Tiki Room meet-up. We learned that on Gay Day, there is choreography for those of us who sing along! I didn’t know that the tiki room could be even better but it was absolutely wonderful.

‘Til next year, Gay Days!


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