Jelly Belly Factory Tour, October 2016

Last weekend we were in the Bay Area to see family. On Friday, we went to the Jelly Belly Factory with my mom. I love going on the weekdays because you get to be there when the factory is in motion. We definitely got a bit high on the smells of corn syrup and “natural flavors.” I’ve been on this factory tour many times but it’s been updated since the last time I went on it. They no longer give out samples along the tour because sometimes if adults didn’t like the flavor, they’d throw it onto the factory floor, resulting in thousands of dollars worth of loss because of contamination. Sigh. The tour is also now self-guided.

(This candy company also makes a bunch of other candy as well, as you can see by the photos of the molds)

As usual, we bought many pounds of jelly beans to come home with. The weight kept making my luggage fall over.

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