New (to me) antique jewelry

I recently received this piece of jewelry from my aunt. It belonged to her daughter’s great(?) aunt, who I learned had many beautiful pieces of jewelry and the means to have a personal shopper many decades to go before personal shoppers were a thing.


It’s absolutely breathtaking in person and I look forward to wearing it to the Pantages Theatre which I wrote about here.

A fellow Book Riot contributor wrote this article about suffragette jewelry and it reminded me of this piece I inherited. I contacted her and she mentioned that the piece I have reminds her a lot of Egyptian Revival jewelry, when the Ancient Egyptian motifs were all the rage after King Tut’s tomb was discovered in 1922 and this piece could definitely be that old. For some great examples of Egyptian Revival pieces, check out this Pinterest board.

No matter what the piece is, I’m madly in love with it and look forward to wearing it!

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