Well this is weird.

Last night we went to see Finding Neverland at the Pantages. It was part of our season ticket package. I was unfamiliar with the show (I didn’t even know until yesterday that there was also a movie) and though I couldn’t hum you a single tune, I thought it looked gorgeous and it was very well done and has what I believe to be my favorite death scene in a musical.

Down in the parking structure after the show:

Cole: The weird family that sits next to us can’t find their car.

Me: <laughs> The “weird” family?

Cole: Yeah.

Me: Why are they weird?

Cole: I don’t know. They’re just weird.

Me: <still laughing> There is nothing weird about them!

Cole: They probably think we’re weird.

Me: So they’re weird because you think that they think that we are weird?

Cole: They’re just weird. The kids look weird.

Me: Of course they look weird! They’re going through puberty!

Cole: Yeah, but they look extra weird.

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