Eh, insert witty title here

Before I share this conversation, I need to give you some background:

#1: I’ve been doing some crying lately because that’s what happens sometimes when you have depression.

#2: I have a plushie of Hei Hei from Moana. He is my favorite. He looks like this:


So, last night in bed:

Me: You made me cry.

Cole: I did not make you cry.

Me: Fine. Hei hei made me cry.

Cole: I don’t even know if birds cry.

Me: Doves cry…

Cole: I… walked right into that, didn’t I?

Me: I even wrote a song about doves crying.

Cole: You most certainly did not write that song. If you wrote that song we would not be living in this apartment.

Me: I wrote the song but I was just bad at business.

Cole: Also, you had to be like eight years old if you wrote that song.

Me: I was four.

Cole: There are some very mature themes in that song.


Cole: Go to sleep.


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