I see what you did there

A couple weeks ago, Cole found (and made) a recipe for pork loin chops with an apple salsa.

Me: (eating) This… is charoset.

Cole: It’s who what now?

Me: What did the cookbook call this apple concoction?

Cole: Something like an apple salsa.

Me: (looks at cookbook) It’s basically charoset but without the walnuts and wine.

Cole: I don’t know this word you are saying.

Me: Charoset is something that is eaten during Passover. It represents the mortar the Israelites used when they were slaves in Egypt.

Cole: Huh.

Me: And this cookbook is having us eat it with pork. I… don’t know how I feel about this.

Cole: Well, if you don’t want the Jewish-apple-salsa then I will eat it.

Me: I really like it tho… did you just call it Jewish apple salsa?

Cole: Yes.

Me: …

Cole: What?

Me: You’re ridiculous.

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