April 2017 in Review

A bit late on this update, but I’ve been a bit busy.

Posted on this blog a few times. Still not as much as I would have hoped, but still meeting my goal of at least 5 posts per month.

Doing pretty great on the snail mail! Goal is at least 5 letters per month and aside from February I have definitely exceeded that.

Ooof, not good at all. Haven’t been doing our Rose Bowl walks. Haven’t had the time to commit to archery. Barely even able to take walks during the day at work.

Also not good on the cooking at home. We aim on getting back up to speed but with the wedding and all, normal life kind of crumbled in April a bit.

Other goals:

  • Definitely did some reading. Still catching up on comics but started and finished a book. My goal is 40 books this year and I’ve only read 5 so far so I need to hop back on that wagon.
  • Still maintaining the Mint.com account! Feeling good about that. Going to up my game and start budgeting better.
  • I’m definitely reviewing the books I have read!
  • Seeing at least two friends per month. I think we did in April? It was all a blur.
  • I’m definitely drinking at least one glass of water per day.
  • Continuing ukulele: I practiced at lot in April to learn a song for Cole’s wedding gift. I’ve taken a break since then, but plan on picking back up soon.
  • Explore 6 new-to-us neighborhoods: Totally have not done that at all, though, did go to the Beverly Hills library and got cards!

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