The nerve.

Picture it: Pasadena, 2017. It’s bedtime and we are in bed.

Me: <turns toward Cole>

Cole: <gives me A Look and puts his phone down>

Me: “What the fuck was that look for?”

Cole: “I gave a look?”

Me: “Yeah, you looked at me like ‘This bitch…'”

Cole: <laughs>

Me: “Like, ‘Oh great. Here we go.'”

Cole: “I am sorry. I didn’t mean to give you a look.”

Me: “Well, you did.”

Cole: “I am sorry.”

Me: “You are rude.”

Cole: “I didn’t mean it.”


Cole: “I didn’t mean to give you such a look. I like laying here in bed and staring at each other and talking before we sleep.”

Me: <whispers> “The North remembers…”

Cole: “Greaaaat.”

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