The first of many posts about China

I will be posting all the big, family-friendly posts about our trip to China on but there are a few things I will be sharing here on my personal blog, such as this story:

As we expected, there weren’t many people who looked like us in China. Because of that, we had people take pictures of us. One of the women in our Adventures Family has loooong, beautiful, curly hair, something that is not seen in China. She is not black and therefore, approachable </sarcasm> so many people asked to take pictures with her. The fascinating thing to me was that I caught many people taking my picture on the sly, without coming up to me or asking. So I would smile and wave.

The greatest, though, was at Shanghai Disneyland. Two young ladies came up to Cole and asked to take a photo with him and I was biting my tongue to keep from laughing because he was doing everything he could to avoid directly saying he’s from America.

Ladies: Where are you from?

Cole: Los Angeles 

Ladies: [blank stares]

Cole: California?

Ladies: [more blank stares]

Ladies: America?

Cole: [sighs] Yes

Me: [heaving with silent giggles]

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