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It is not the job of the oppressed to educate the oppressors. Your white guilt, cisgender guilt, heterosexual guilt, male fragility, etc. is not the responsibility of your friends of color, your LGBTQ friends, your woman-identified friends. Your marginalized friends have a lot of their own bullshit to deal with right now and always.

I’ve been hearing a number of non-black people in my life who identify as allies say that they don’t know what to say or what to do to show their support. So they say and do nothing.

Part of me gets this. But most of me says that is the shittiest excuse I’ve heard in quite a while.

Growing up, I was not allowed to say “I don’t know” unless I tried to find the answer on my own first. There was no internet. My grandmother made me look in dictionaries, phone books, encyclopedias, and the library before I was allowed to say I didn’t know something.

We are adults and we have the internet, people. If anyone is ignorant about pretty much anything, it’s because they are keeping themselves ignorant (out of laziness, out of fear, out of whatever). You can search online for what to do as allies. Google it. Bing it. Duck Duck Go it. I don’t care.

But here, let me give you even more reason to not give your marginalized people shitty excuses any more. I have put on my librarian glasses and below are a bunch of resources so you don’t even have to search. Read these resources, there are also resources for LGBTQ allies and feminist allies but honestly, if you’re not all 3 you need to learn about intersectionality before you talk to me anymore. I’m tired. Share the link to this blog post on whatever social media and forums you are on.

On a personal level, I appreciate the check-ins and I appreciate the listening, but your silence does nothing. Especially when I see you post freely about women’s rights, rape culture, LGBTQ rights but when another person that looks like me gets murdered and I hear crickets? That feels shitty.


  15. Knowing Our History to Build a Brighter Future: Books to Help Kids Understand the Fight for Racial Equality
  16. Social Justice Book List for kids, YA, and teachers
  17. Syllabus for White People to Educate Themselves (if anyone knows the authors for me to credit, that would be great)
  18. Safety Pin Box is a monthly subscription box for white people striving to be allies in the fight for Black Liberation
  19. Twitter thread on how to be an ally:



Update on 8/13/2017:

Hi everyone. I need every white person in my life to try harder. This is the time to stop talking about how terrible things are and actually do something.

I, like most people of color, am fucking exhausted. One of my closest friends, Dr. Dani B. (as well as her friend), has gathered a shit ton more Resources For Nice White Folks™ and so I am updating this post with even more resources from Dr. B (with her commentary) and some from me as well.

Five Ways to Reduce Racial Bias in Your Children…/five_ways_to_reduce_raci…

White parents, here’s how to start talking to your children about race…/white-parents-heres-how-to-start-talki…

7 Tips for White Parents to Talk to Their Kids About Police Murders of Black People…/7-tips-for-white-paren…/

Also, here’s a good book list specifically about protests and civil disobedience:…/

Links for how to help in Charlottesville if you can not be there to counter-protest:…/charlottesville-virginia-protes…

Here is a solidarity legal fund for the counter-protestors here:…

More to do re: Charlottesville:

Nice White Ladies is dedicated to bringing white folks up to speed on the racial justice conversation:

“How many POC voices are you reading on the daily?
How many POC are you paying for the education they’re providing to you?
If you had to think about that for more than a few seconds, that is in need of attention.” – Dr. B

Ijeoma Oluo
Editor-at-large at The Establishment. Also has a Patreon.

Very Smart Brothas
Daily commentary on the world and culture from POC writers.

Mikki Kendall
Writes about feminism and the world (and comics), also creates wonderful fiction/fantasty. Also has a Patreon.

McKensie Mack/Skills Needed
“Talks about race, politics and humanity.” Offers outstanding webinars for Nice White Folks on being better allies and talking to their racist family members about their racism.

Jade/Dispatches from the Sunken Place
Pulls no punches with their analysis and education. Strap in and hold on to yer hats.

Black Girls Create/#wizardteam
Are you a nerd? Are you all about Harry Potter in particular? Have you ever thought about the race and class implications of HP (and other scifi/fantasy)? Robyn and Bayana sure have. They have a blog, and a podcast, and created the Hogwarts’ Black Student Union writing project. And they have a Patreon.

“You want me to read all that? I don’t have time!”
Fine, here’s stuff you can listen to instead. – Dr. B

On One with A Rye
Angela Rye is smart and articulate and hilarious and friends with Maxine Waters. Each episode brings you a political highlight/lowlife, a Moment in Blackness, and insightful commentary on current events.…/on-one-with-angela…/id1257985728…

Kamau Right Now!
It’s a live radio show! It’s a podcast! It’s both! It’s W. Kamau Bell being smart and funny and having awkward talks that we need to have.

Politically Reactive
W. Kamau Bell and Hari Kondabolu interview a long list of important and interesting guests related to current events, news and culture, and stop in the midst of interviews to explain things/share more resources. Also, their bromance is kinda just the best.

“But, like, I’m more of a visual learner …”

MTV’s Decoded with Franchesca Ramsey
Think of this as Ally 101, with training wheels. Some of the gentlest, most non-threatening information-sharing out there, good for folks who are getting started as allies and are feeling delicate about it. Addresses whether talking about racism is racist, and why talking about racial privilege is not the same thing as hating white people.…

This Shouldn’t Be News with Akilah Hughes
This is just one part of the wider, really wonderful Youtube offering from Akilah Hughes (aka Akilah, Obviously), focusing on news and culture.…

Kat Blaque’s channel
Includes her series “What Is …” that explains a wide range of concepts including anarchy, privilege and rape culture, and her “IMO” series in which she shares her thoughts on everything from feminism to whether we should try to talk it out with Nazis. Also has a Patreon.

Here’s a link to a great Twitter thread by Aura Bogado: and here are images of it in case you’re finding it hard to click a link:

But wait, there’s MORE!

Educate yourself on the history of racial violence in the U.S. Click on the image below to take you to this Twitter thread:

Updated 8/16/17:

Here is an amazing list of resources on White Privilege, White Socialization, & Construction of Whiteness in U.S.

Please also see my self-care round-up:

As I come across resources, I will try to keep this entire resource updated. Bookmark it. Share it.

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    […] For more on what you can do as allies, see this link: Share this: Some Hard Truths and Ally Resources […]

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    […] This example article in Slate probably got thousands of shares and eyeballs. And there isn’t one bit of constructive advice about how to overcome the incredibly powerful bystander effect, how to safely intervene, and deescalate. I’m disappointed in Boing Boing by sharing this meme and not offering any constructive advice AT ALL. This article in Huffington post shows loads of people “raising awareness” but not educating themselves or others on what to do. Here’s a good list of resources Share this: Some Hard Truths and Ally Resources […]

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