I’m a Potato

Me: “Do you think they sell potato costumes at the Halloween store?”

Cole: “They probably do. Do we need to get you a potato costume?”

Me: “Yeah, I would like to lean in more to my potato-self.”
Cole: “We can get you a potato costume.”
Me: “Can I go out drinking in it?”
Cole: “I thought you were going to say, “Can I go eat potatoes in it?”
Me: “HAHAHA well that’s a given. We’ll go out and I’ll say, ‘BRING ME SOME CIDER AND YOUR FINEST POTATOES!'”
Cole: “Then you’ll be doing some kind of weird, eating-your-own-people-cannibalism thing?”
Me: “Not quite. Because I am an American potato and these fries, they will be French.”
Cole: <closes his eyes and rolls over> “Go to sleep.”
Me: “That’s how I know my jokes are good. You won’t even look at me.”
Cole: “Shhh it’s bedtime go to sleep.”
Me: “Zut alors!”

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