Purrli has Vastly Improved My Quality of Life

You guys. YOU GUYS. I love cats. LOVE CATS. I, myself, am a cat in a hooman suit. We cannot have pets in our current apartment and that makes me sad.

I recently learned about Purrli and wow, it is the best thing and I love the internet. Purrli is an ambient sound of a cat purring (with occasional meowing, if you want. You can regulate things such as meow frequency, sleepiness, and distance. It’s especially great with a good set of headphones.

The moment I turned it on, I fell in love. The soft purring in my ears improved my mood exponentially and I could physically feel myself relax. I’ve already added it to my bookmarks.

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1 Response

  1. Teramis says:

    That’s very cool! Thanks for sharing it.

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