Our Honeymoon: Day 0 Extras

First, go read the original post on our family-friendly site: https://suziandcole.com/2017/08/28/our-honeymoon-day-0/ (update: more photos have been added to this post on suziandcole.com since it was originally published)

Time for some extras!

  • After we went on the Guardians of the Galaxy, Doug asked Cole and I if we felt queasy and I said, “Doug. I have a stomach of steel. And abs of butter.” Doug laughed so hard that he ended up migrating toward Cole and I the rest of the tour.
  • When we checked in to the hotel the person at the desk said, “Here you are, for two adults and two children?” and we were like “Oh hell no, just two adults” and the person at the desk said, “GOOD FOR YOU THAT IS SO FANTASTIC!” then she gave us some of the discontinued (heteronormative) Just Married buttons.
  • Ya’ll. Dusty is our new best friend. Holy shit we love Dusty. He has worked for Disney for 19(?) years. He started as a dancer/parade performer and now is in charge of the parades in Florida as well as an Adventures by Disney tour guide. We would follow Dusty all over the world if we could afford it.
  • Disneyland is kind of ruined for us. They say they gave us VIP treatment but we felt like royalty. It was beyond our wildest dreams.
  • I’ve added a couple pictures below. One is of the translation cards that my coworker made for us. The other is an image that was in our hotel room at the Disneyland hotel. What the hell, Disney?


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