In the Mood

Info to know before reading this: Cole’s wedding ring is tungsten carbide (black)


Cole: “Someone at work thought my wedding ring was a mood ring.”

Me: <laughs hysterically>  “What?!”

Cole: “Yeah, she came over and was like, ‘What mood does it say?’ and I was so confused and said, ‘What?’ and she said, ‘Your mood ring, what does it say?’ and I said, ‘Uh, this is my wedding ring.’ She replied, ‘Yeah, but I thought it was a mood ring.'”

Me: “What kind of asshole does she think you are to wear a mood ring as a wedding ring, much less a mood ring AT ALL EVER IN LIFE?”

Cole: “I was really confused.”

Me: “I’m sure. And you’re not good at controlling your facial expressions so I imagine you were giving her a huge ‘What the fuck?’ look.”

Cole: “Yeah.”

Me: “You’re nicer than I am. I would have said, ‘Well, it’s a mood wedding ring so it actually tells me my wife’s mood.'”

Cole: “‘And her mood is always black, like her heart.'”

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