Our Honeymoon: Day 1 Extras

Before you read this, read the main post on SuziAndCole.com with pictures and most of the stories from Day 1 of our honeymoon.

Here are some honeymoon extras for readers of Knee Sock Chronicles:

  • They tried to separate us at LAX again. If you haven’t been paying attention, what happens is that security tries to separate Cole and I. Cole gets to go in the fast, white people line and they send me to the brown people line where they give me a full search and open my bags. This time, we were ready and firmly said “WE ARE MARRIED AND STAYING TOGETHER, THANKS.” God I hate the airport.
  • Just an FYI, the Starbucks at the Tom Bradley International Terminal at LAX suuuuuuuuuucks. Everything was wrong with it. Slow. Forgotten orders. Then when we got our order it was wrong. Fucking terrible.
  • I miss Hong Kong already. I really, really loved it. I could live there. Maybe not forever, but for a couple of years. It’s insanely expensive, though.

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