Sleepy Cole is a Creepy Cole

Sometimes, Cole talks or does things in his sleep. Night before last, right after I turned off the lights and was falling asleep, Cole sat up (propped on an elbow) and stared at the open bedroom door. In the dark.

Me, realizing he’s doing something in his sleep: “Um, whatcha doin’ there?”

Cole: “I thought I saw something.”

Me: <gently touches Cole’s arm> “No you didn’t. Lay down. Go back to sleep.”

Cole then laid down and was in deep sleep again.

Cole has a vague memory of saying he saw something. But he also thought the lights were on at the time (they were not). And he doesn’t remember anything else.

I’m not quite sure if this is better or worse than the time I came back to bed after using the bathroom and Cole (asleep) jumped up and said, “Just making sure you’re not trying to kill me” before going back to sleep.

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