I think we’ve crossed some sort of line

Last night I was driving us to Nordstrom Rack. I heard the sound of something that sounded like a candy wrapper.

Me: “Whatcha got there?”

Cole: “Open your mouth.”

Me: <opens my mouth>

Cole: <puts unknown thing in my mouth while I’m driving>

Me: “Mmm! Sweet Tarts!”


Me: “That was perhaps the most trust I have ever shown right there.”

We then get to Nordstrom Rack and as we walk around, looking at all kinds of discounted things we don’t need, Cole once in a while just holds his hand up to my face and I open my mouth and he puts a candy in it. This happens multiple times.

Later in bed:

Me: “I think that we’ve leveled-up into a whole new level of weird.”

Cole: “Why’s that?”

Me: “Because we walked around IN PUBLIC this evening and you would just feed me candy. Just put it right in my mouth. I wouldn’t take it from you with my own hand. I just opened my mouth and then YOU PUT CANDY IN MY MOUTH. LIKE IT’S A PERFECTLY ACCEPTABLE THING TO DO OUT IN PUBLIC.”

Cole: “We don’t socialize a lot outside of each other. Things are bound to get weird.”

Me: “WeirdER.”

Cole: “Fair.”

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