2017 Goals: How did I do?

Check out my mind map and how I set up my 2017 goals here.

So, how did I do? (Note: I took the second half of June and all of July off from tracking mostly because of honeymoon).

My goal was to blog here on Kneesock Chronicles or on SuziandCole.com 5 times a month and I pretty much just barely did that:

Another goal was to write 5 pieces of snail mail per month (not counting holiday cards like Halloween, Xmas, and Valentines) and I did that almost every month:

We did a shit job on watching movies, but filled the page with movies we want to watch (those colored in are ones we actually saw). The goal wasn’t to see them all this year, but mostly to have a tracker for movies we want to see:

Exercise: NOT GREAT. Organizing my goals a bit differently this year to hopefully be more successful. More on 2018 goals coming soon!

Cooking dinner at home. Well, some weeks were better than others. We’re also going to adjust this goal a bit for 2018. Still trying to eat at home a bunch, but will count up how many times we did it in 2017 and try to increase that number.

I had grand ideas of being more active on Quora. As you see, it didn’t last but I am okay with that.

Our goal was to try one new restaurant per month because we always end up going to the same ol’ places. We pretty much knocked this one out of the park. Will keep this goal going into 2018.

No goal for bedtime stories to read together, just tracking them. We got through 4 books this year! Pretty good, for joint reading.

I am also using my journal as a commonplace book. Here’s page one but I’ve already filled up over 4 pages.

Other goals:

  • Drink at least one glass of water per day: Nailed it. Going to increase it to two for 2018.
  • Get married: TOTALLY NAILED IT
  • Go to the gym 2x a week: hahaha nope.
  • Walk 1x a week: Eh, I definitely got my 10k steps at least once a week but I’m still not satisfied with my work on this goal this year.
  • Participate in 4 archery shoots: I did zero. Totally failed at this one this year.
  • Maintain Mint.com: Definitely. I check into it daily and keep it up to date and organized so that we may look at it and see how our year was. Pretty sure we spent a ridiculous amount on food.
  • Reach 500 Litfluence on Litsy: So far I’ve made it to 953!
  • Write for Book Riot 3x a month: Nope, only did my 2x/month minimum.
  • Review the books I read: Yes! Did it! Will continue to do it. It’s a great way to show authors support other than buying their books.
  • See 2 friends per month: I think I did this? Didn’t track it, but will for 2018.
  • Explore 6 new neighborhoods: We didn’t do this at all. We tend to stay in Pasadena. We are reevaluating this goal for 2018.
  • Read 50 books: I read 30 so far, and may finish another tonight. I’ve never kept track of how many books I read per year, so this goal was pretty arbitrary.
  • Continue ukulele: Well, I learned a song for Cole for our wedding and then never touched it again. Definitely making a better goal for 2018 in regards to music.

So, there were some wins and some not really wins at all in 2017 (in regards to my goals). I am definitely going to track my goals in 2018. It was super helpful. I talk about the importance of tracking personal metrics here.

Thanks for reading and I plan to be blogging more in 2018! Happy New Year!

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