We Find the Server Names at a Certain Italian Restaurant Questionable

We recently went to a chain Italian restaurant with my best friend, Sarah, her husband, and her shiny, wiggly new baby. Our server told us his name is Fernandini before leaving to put in our order.

Sarah: <whispers> Doesn’t that just mean multiple Fernandos?

Me: Yeah, he’s actually made up of three tiny Fernandos standing on each other’s shoulders.

Cole: He’s really a Fernando inside of a Fernando inside another Fernando, like Russian nesting dolls.

For the rest of the evening, we kept referring to our server as multiple people (not to his face, of course).

~Later, at home in bed where we have all our silliest conversations~

Cole: What was our server’s name? I already forgot. Brandoncini?

Me: <laughing> Fernandini. Hahaha ‘Brandoncini.’ You’re ridiculous.

Cole: It’s like he got hired and they were like “What’s your name?” and he said, “Fernando” and they said, “Well, it needs to be more Italian to work here so now you’re Fernandini.”

Me: <laughing>

Cole: “What’s your name? Jessica? You’re Jessichini now.”

Cole: “Joel, eh? Well, now you’re Joelogna.”

Me: “But then they hired another Joel. So he gets to be Joelato.”

Me: “Jesse? Not here you’re not. From now on you’re Jesspresso.”

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