Goals & Strategies 2018 Edition

Alrighty, before I jump right into this, check out last year’s post which explains how I feel about New Year’s Resolutions (they’re dumb), the whole idea of New Year’s, and how I go about setting goals with metrics and not some forgettable resolutions.

Below is this year’s mind map (in my tracking journal) for me. Cole has his own and we also have a joint one, but we’re just going to focus on mine in this post, k? K.

The goals:

  • I’m aiming for 10 blog posts a month. This can include any posts I make on SuziandCole.com
  • I’m going to write a book. That’s all I’m saying about that at the moment.
  • I’m aiming for 7 Book Riot posts per quarter. The minimum I have to do is 6. I want to increase.
  • Pay off a couple credit cards
  • Maintain our Mint.com account. I maintained it all year last year and we just looked at it and holy shit we spend most of our money on food. LOTS OF FOOD. And too many restaurants.
  • I want to increase my online presence! That means reaching 1200 Litfluence on Litsy, 850 Twitter followers, and 400 Instagram followers. If you want to know where I’m at currently, my handle is @theinfophile. Go follow me. Help a girl out. I’ll actually be spending more time on these platforms than on Facebook, though I will still pop into Facebook daily. Just maybe not more than twice a day.
  • I want to reach 150lbs. I miss being 150lbs. I have some great clothing that fits me at 150lbs. Currently I’m about 20lbs more than that. No, I don’t care that you know what I weigh. Get over it.
  • I will aim to get 10,000 steps at least five times a week and 11,000 steps at least two of those 5 times.
  • I miss archery. A lot. I can’t afford the next class level right now but I hope to make it to at least 3 shoots this year.
  • I’m going to read at least 50 books this year. I’ve already finished one.
  • I’m going to learn 4 songs on the ukulele this year. BE PREPARED.
  • I intend to eat vegetarian for lunches. All of them. Spoiler: I failed already on New Year’s Day but today was a success!
  • Three dinners per week will be vegetarian, and that’s for myself AND for Cole.
  • I’m going to increase my snail mail output to 10 pieces of mail per month AND I won’t count holiday mail, birthday mail, or thank you cards in that count.
  • I will see 3 people outside Cole or work per month. A combination of friends and family.
  • I’m going to bother my sister to come hang out and have a sleepover once a quarter. It’ll be good for everyone involved. My sister is hilarious.
  • I’m going to have people over (who are not my sister) once a quarter. And this means the apartment needs to stay in a state of being that is conducive to having house guests.
  • Though we are cutting down on restaurants total, when we DO go to a restaurant, we will make sure we go to a new one once per month.
  • Still shitty at leaving Pasadena so we will explore 3 neighborhoods that are not our own. We like taking the train around so that’s a good excuse.

And yes, I’m tracking pretty much all of this, which is the part I know you’re all dying to see.

New this year: I’m tracking gratitude. That is, each week I need to write down at least one thing I was thankful for that week.

Snail mail tracking will be done a bit differently than last year. I aim to write 10 pieces of mail so I shall fill in an envelope each time I send out a piece.

Tracking Good Things again. Anything good that happened, by the week. I can’t recommend this one enough. It can get tedious but at the end of the year, when you’re looking back at the dumpster fire that is our nation, you can see what good things happened in your life.

Tracking exercise. Right now, the only exercise I’m doing is walking so that’s what’s on here. The black horizontal lines are markers for the ends of the weeks.

Cooking at home vs. eating out with two new additions: a “V” for vegetarian meals and a new color to mark if we at at someone’s house or if someone treated us to lunch or dinner in some way.

I forgot to mention that I’m trying to become a person who wakes up in the morning and gets things done. I’ve started doing the morning pages exercise from The Artist’s Way.

Keeping track of the new restaurants we try.

I didn’t keep track of being social last year, other than my Google calendar. And with my Book Riot posts, I didn’t keep track. I only knew when I had written “enough” for the quarter.

I think this layout to track number of blog posts is a lot better than last year’s. Just put a star or x or check mark each time I post in the month until I reach 10. Anything beyond that is a bonus for you, dear reader.

Holy shit why didn’t I think of a Nail Polish Tracker sooner?! I have over 400 bottles of nail polish. I probably wear the same 15 all the time. I need to work on switching things up.

You guys: we have too much shit. We’ve been paying for a storage and that’s dumb. We just need to go through our shit. We’ll go once a month and pull out a couple boxes or bags or whatever and deal with them.

In August 2016, we inherited many records. I wrote about it here. We’re horrible and we still haven’t gotten through all of them and there’s still an entire shelf on a large bookcase that has records we need to listen to and figure out if we want to keep them or sell them to the record shop. We decided on listening to 3 records per week until we get through them all. Last night, I decided to keep a Jim Croce album. I’m not sorry at all.

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2 Responses

  1. Teramis says:

    OMG I am in love with your list! and how you organized it all! You inspire me to do something similar for myself. I’m not usually very good at getting organized in this manner but I think it would really help me get some traction with some things. Thanks for the ideas, and good luck meeting your goals. 🙂

  2. Maureen Stinger says:

    I really, really love this. I especially like how you’re tracking things like gratitude weekly instead of daily. I always try to track daily and end up failing. This is an excellent system.

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