Couple Goals & Strategies, 2018 Edition

With Cole’s permission, I am also posting about the mind map we made as a couple and our combined goals for 2018. Of course, we will support each other with our individual goals, like, Cole cooking more so I can spend more time writing, but there are some things that we came up with that we will directly aim to achieve together. Some of them you will recognize from my post yesterday.

  • We’re going to try to see the grandparents three times NOT counting family get-togethers, holidays, etc. Grandparents are precious. We need to spend as much time as we can with them.
  • Walk the Rose Bowl loop once a week. We’ll aim for Tuesdays but it may change now and then.
  • Eat 3 meatless dinners per week. We’ve actually had two so far this week, so that’s pretty cool. We welcome all your veggie-based recipes, by the way.
  • Try one new restaurant per month. I swear, we go to the same 5 places. We need to change things up.
  • Explore 3 neighborhoods we’ve never really explored. We are so bad at leaving Pasadena.
  • We are paying for storage. We need to stop paying for storage. Which means we need to go through our shit in storage. We will make a trip to our storage once a month.
  • Listen to 3 records from our “undecided” shelf. I wrote about it yesterday if you want details.
  • We’ll have our own guided discussion of feelings using the Tea and Empathy Cards once every other month. This sounds terrible. I know. And it is. You know I *hate* talking about feelings. Or even having feelings. But one of our rules from when we very first started dating is, “No keeping feelings a secret. We need to say what is bothering us so we don’t build resentment and we need to share good feelings too so we know we are loved.” It sounds gross. It IS gross. But we’ve been together almost 6 years now and have never fought nor raised our voices nor said a mean word to one another (except in jest) so, sure. We’ll be gross. It’s better than being dicks to each other.

Thanks for reading!

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