Inktober 2017

Yes, yes, this post is a couple months late. Deal with it.

This past October, for about 2 weeks, I participated in Inktober. Inktober is a drawing “challenge” that asks artist to draw one drawing per day in ink. The official Inktober site offers prompts for each day, or you can draw whatever you want.

I am not a person who draws. Drawing is not my art. Writing is my art. Singing is my art. Crafts that don’t really involve drawing are my art. Baking is my art. Drawing is very much Not. My. Art. My dad and sister are brilliant at drawing. Very impressive. I guess all that talent got passed to my sister because my drawings are less than stellar.

All of this to say, I stepped way outside of my comfort zone in taking part in Inktober and posting my drawings publicly on the internet. Especially as I tend to be a person who does not allow others to see my work unless it is stellar. People don’t often get to see my process or failures or mediocrity. In doing this, I learned some things.

No one cared that my drawings weren’t gallery-quality. They made people laugh. They made people smile. People liked them. Doesn’t that, in some way, make them good?

I also learned that in doing the scary thing and keeping on doing the scary thing, it no longer becomes scary. I know this is so often said in self-help books and TED Talks but still, I got to see it in action.

I also learned that, even with a prompt, I have a hard time coming up with things to draw. My repertoire is limited.

Even though I only did it for 13 days, Inktober was pretty fun. I may do it again this year.

Below is a gallery of my drawings from Inktober 2017. Cheers!

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