December 2017 Pipsticks Sticker Haul!

Yes, you read that right. December 2017. I didn’t receive my Pipsticks until this past Saturday. It seems as though someone has been stealing my goddamned stickers and I’m bothered by it. They even sent a replacement set and THOSE WERE STOLEN! So I told them and they sent another replacement, this time with tracking and surprise! It arrived in 2 days.

It’s early February and has been in the 80s here in Pasadena and I’m definitely not in the mood for the wintery stickers that are in this pack but some of them are pretty darn cute.

As always, if you sign up for Pipsticks via my link, you’ll get $5 off your first month:

First up, penguins! Specifically, penguins with accessories. I’m into it.

Snowflakes. Meh. They’re not really my thing.

Nutcrackers are also not my thing. Then more snowflakes. But then some SUPER CUTE AND TINY GIRAFFES! I love tiny stickers.

Some winter-ish animals? I don’t know. The narwhal is adorable and I almost don’t want to use it. I just want to keep it forever.

And finally, what I think is the best sheet of the pack: ANIMALS IN CLOTHING DOING PEOPLE THINGS! I love them so much.


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