February 2018 Pipsticks Haul

Alright, I know I just wrote about my very late December Pipsticks but I got my February Pipsticks stickers day before yesterday and I’m just too excited to hold off on sharing.

As always, if you sign up for Pipsticks via my link, you’ll get $5 off your first month: https://pipsticks.com/refer/Patri-PXIEEQGY

Shimmery cactuses! Or cacti! A quick Google search tells me that both forms are acceptable. Also, widdle bitty cameras, which are totally my jam. I need to take more pictures.


Okay, sorry for the blurriness but the stickers themselves are kinda blurry and my lighting was awful. Anyway, it’s just stickers of clothing and makeup and I’m not really into them.

These food truck and food cart stickers are both adorable and also blurry, which is a bummer. Like, not just my photo of them is blurry but the stickers are also kinda blurry. Sigh. Also, I really enjoy the word blurry. It’s nice on the tongue. Blurrrrry.

I may have mentioned this before but I’m saying it again: I really love tiny stickers. And these are tiny stickers with exclamations and onomatopoeia! I wuv them. I put a raffle ticket in the shot for a size comparison.

OMG ALPACAS EVERYONE! Though, some of them look like penises. Just sayin’.

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