Sleepy Cole is Funny Cole

When Cole gets tired, it’s like he crosses a clear threshold between being awake and being utterly useless.

The other night while we were lying in bed, he fell asleep in the middle of his sentence then woke back up.

Let me clarify:

He was talking.

He fell asleep in the middle of the sentence.

He woke back up and completed the sentence.

He did not fall asleep during a large chunk of the sentence. He fell asleep during one word.

Let me illustrate:

Cole: “I’m going to fall” <sleeps for a millisecond> <wakes back up> “and roll over onto my side.”

Cole not only fell asleep during one word, he actually fell asleep DURING THE WORD ASLEEP.

I pointed it out to him immediately. “Did… did you just fall asleep in the middle of your sentence?”

“Huh. Yeah. I didn’t say the word ‘asleep,’ did I?” he responded.

Also, it wasn’t even 9:30pm yet.

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