Friday Funsies!

Hey all! Welcome to the second installment of Friday Funsies 2019 Edition!

Had my “godson” out last Saturday. The word ‘godson’ is in quotes because he was never baptized and I’m an atheist but it still best explains our relationship. Maybe fairy godchild is better, though he’s an adult now. *cries* We stopped by a GREAT book shop in my new neighborhood and yes I know I’m supposed to be getting rid of books but I justified buying these little babies because they’re authors of color.


How Long Til Black Future Month and G’Morning, G’Night, Little Pep Talks for Me & You

I never want another dog but this is pretty fantastic:

I’m just gonna leave this here and say WAKANDA FOREVER

Now for something serious. RKelly is trash. Kevin Hart is trash.

Social media isn’t for everyone. Just because it may not be for you doesn’t mean it’s a waste of time for other people.

The only animal classification system I need

I laughed long and hard at this

Cookie Monster for the win

This thread is one of the most adorable things I’ve seen all year

Meanwhile at our place:

This plus the follow-up you see when you click-through. *chef’s kiss*

Yes, this blog is called Knee Sock Chronicles. Yes, I am a goddamned adult and I still wear knee socks quite often, thanks for asking



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It’s a day for #kneesocks #rainbow #rainbows #lgbtqia #lgbtq #lgbt #pridesocks #wednesday #socks

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These are from one of my favorite companies, Pride Socks

Have a great weekend! Be safe and make good decisions!

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